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Business English Assignment

Business English Assignment

Name    : Havelio Henar
Class     : 2KB01
NPM     : 24114857

Taks 1
Make  a sad story and 5 Tenses Simpel Future

My Family Is Everything
Hi, my name is havelio henar now I was 18 years old. I was born with a not so harmonious family and the story began since I was 6 years old. Starting when my family experienced a weak economy and my parents who often quarrel. I saw my father hit my mother until she cries. Since that time my mother brought me went far away leave my father alone.
When i had my 17th birthday, suddenly  my father called me. I didn’t know what should  i do. I picked the telephone. I heard him crying when he called. I just shut up and not say anything, and he shut his phone, Few moment later my mother said to me "forgive him because God has first forgiven us" she said.
Until now I do not have any news about my father, address, telephone number, all about him. I hoped to meet him again. Until now i was still looking for him. I tried to unite father and my mother again. This is my story, thank you.

5 Tenses Simpel Future
      1.      I will makes my parents happy someday.
      2.      I will be graduating from university Gunadarma
      3.      Im going to go to French to continue my study.
      4.      I will make my mother smile.
      5.      I will do my best for my family.

Taks 2

Make Curruculum Vitae, APPLICATION LETTER and 5 active and passive sentences about my partner!

Curriculum Vitae

Havelio Henar
Contact & Address:
Cell no : 09655607269
Address : Gede no.159 RT 01/09
Depok city, Indonesia 16417


A graduate students from gunadarma university looking to gain new experience by joining BMW Group trainee program. Currently i am focusing on the IT department and networking.
Work Experience
-          Gunadarma University (2016 – Now).
Duties : Lab assistant in ELKOM laboratory.
-         PT. Wahyu Promo Citra (2012 – 2013).
Duties : Trainee programme IT management system.
      1.      Gunadarma University – sector science : S1 Computer System (2014 – Now).
      2.      Vocational School Putra Bangsa – sector science : MultiMedia (2011 – 2014).
      3.      Lower Secondary School YAPEMRI (2008 – 2011).
      4.      Elementary School Mekarjaya 13 (2002 – 2008).
Computer Skill
-          Program Application (Borland Delphi 7, C++ Studio, Visual Basic v6.0, Java Netbeans v8.2, Xilinx ISE v9.2i, MySQL, ISIS v7).
-          Design Application (Adobe Photoshop CS5, Adobe Ilustrator CS5, Adobe Dreamweaver CS5, AutoCAD).
-          Office Application (Microsoft Office, Open Office, Latex, IBM Office).
-          Hardware & Software Troubleshooting.
Personal Data
Place, Date of Birth    : Depok, June 20 1997
Gender                        : Male
Religion                       : Christian
Marital Status              : Not Married
Nationality                  : Indonesian
Last Education            : Vocational School


Depok, April 9 2016
To :
BMW Group
Tanjung Pelepas
Johor Bahru

Dear sir/madam on the BMW Group, i found across the internet your training program application  letter and i was interested on joining your program.
I am a graduate student from gunadarma university in the department of computer systems. I was interested in joining your program because want to gain as many experience as i can and also i could enhance my skills besides programming and networking because this job require me to oversees the management of dealers and the likes.
I am applying in your trainee program  because i have a relevant skills in the field that i want, which is aftersales department. By becoming a trainee in aftersales department i could use my skills that i have learned in my college, and that is networking and programming. Aftersales departement need it management system for handling technical matters, my experience as a lab assistant helped me to handle any pressure in the working environment.
I am looking forward for our next meeting, i am ready to be interviewed anytime and  easy to reach by calling  my phone number that  i have stated above.

Description: Description: C:\Users\apell\Desktop\2.jpgSincerely

Havelio henar

5 active and passive sentences about my partner
      1.      Andiko eats rice every day.
      Rice is eaten bt andiko every day.
      2.      Andiko played a games yesterday.
      Yesterday a game was played by andiko.
      3.      Andiko is learning physic in gunadarma university.
      Physic is being learned by andiko in gunadarma university.
      4.      Andiko will marry someone later.
      Someone will be married by andiko later.
      5.      Andiko has studyed english language in gunadarma university.
      English language hass been studyed by andiko in gunadarma university.

Last Taks

         1.       Please make 3 tense : simple present, past present, and simple future !
         2.       Please make tense and inform of active and passife tense !
a.       Simple present
b.      Simple past
c.       Simple future
d.      Present continous
e.      Past continous
        3.        Change this word into verb2 and verb3 !
a.       Bring
c.       Eat
d.      Leave
e.      See
f.      Grow

Answer :

      1.       Simple Present
(+) We always read magazines.
(-)  We do not always re4ad magazines.
(?) Do you always read magazines ?

(+) A postman delevers letters.
(-)  A postman does not deliver letters.
(?) Does a postman deliver letters ?

(+) A man walks with his feet.
(-)  A man does not walk walk with his hands.
(?) Does a man walk with his feet.

      Simpe Past
(+) I walked to school yesterday.
(-)  I didn’t walk to school yesterday.
(?) Did you walk to school yesterday ?

(+) They had a car last year.
(-)  They didn’t have a car last year.
(?) Did they have the car ?

(+) The girl ate ice cream.
(-)  The girl didn’t eat an ice cream.
(?) Did she eat any ice cream yesterday ?

      Simple Future
(+) He will speak English well soon.
(-)  He won’t speak English soon.
(?) Will he speak English well soon ?

(+) I shall see you tonight.
(-)  I shan’t see you tonight.
(?) Shall I see you tonight?

(+) They will do their homework tomorrow.
(-)  They won’t do their homework tomorrow.
(?) Shall we do our work tomorrow ?

 2.       Simple Present
·         I read the book everyday.
·         The book is read by me everyday.
Simple Past
·         The girl ate ice cream this morning.
·         Ice cream was eaten by girl this morning.
Simple Future
·         I will see you tonight.
·         Tonight you will be seen by me.
Present Continous
·         I am kissing my mother.
·         My mother being kissed.
Past Continous
·         I was reading a newspaper when father came home.
·         A newspaper was read by me when father came home.

     3.       V1                           V2                           V3
     Bring                    brought                    brought
     Go                        went                        gone
     Eat                       ate                           eaten
     Leave                   left                           left
     See                      saw                          seen
     Grow                    grew                        grown

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